We had an unusually quiet weekend last weekend while The Driver (the husband, who has chosen his own screen name based on my aspiration to have a driver when we're wealthy and living in extravagance one day) was house-bound with a serious case of food poisoning (not from my cooking, I'll have you know). THIS weekend needed to be great!

Whilst I generally live and die for the city, I do quite enjoy the occasional sojourn to regional areas. This Sunday I had my sights set on Maryborough and the promise of vintage homewares and delicious fare at The Art of Elegance Vintage Fair at the Anglican Parish Hall.

My footwear of choice for this weekend country adventure? Hunter High Gloss Short Wellies all the way. Added my fave scarf of the moment from Witchery (love the neon yellow pom-poms) and we were on our way.

We deliberately had next to no breakfast to prepare for what can only be described as shoving our faces with hearty home-style food.

Exhibit A - the most amazing clam chowder from catering company Romantic Vineyard that was served with delicious garlic & gruyere melt toast (we scoffed 2 of these bowls each).

Exhibit B - Lizzie's baked delicacies. Can't describe the look of joy on The Driver's face when he bit into that mini meringue pav!

The fair itself was tiny, with only a handful of stalls, however as soon as I stepped foot into the main room, I spotted it. The most fabulously kitsch 1960's olive green vinyl footstool with little brass feet. In fabulous condition. You'll never believe how much this little piece of retro heaven was....$25! Yes, you read it right, twenty-five dollars!

The next item on our retrolicious agenda was attending a presentation at the Community Hub by the lovely Nicole Jenkins of Circa Vintage Clothing. Nicole presented a series of frocks and spoke about the history of fashion from the 1920's to 1970's. The Pilot is not much into fashion, but even he had to admit he enjoyed this (at least a little bit)!

Adjacent to the Community Hub is the Maryborough Train Station - a gorgeous old building, that's super quiet now but would have been a mad house back in the old Gold Rush days. The station also houses an antique centre, but not much to report on there peeps.... a bit touristy and overpriced, we thought.

Still wrapped about our little foot stool bargain.

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  1. What a fabulous article! We are so pleased you two could come here and to know you enjoyed your visit so well, is very lovely. Thank you and we hope you can come to next fair, Nov 11, details soon, same location and hall. It was really great to have you here! - Monika - Art of Elegance Fair


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